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How to Change Linux Print PDF Location

Printing PDF is supported by Cups and the location needs to be modified on the cups-pdf.conf configuration file. sudo vim /etc/cups/cups-pdf.conf Under Path Settings, line 43 (It may vary) you will see Out ${HOME}/PDF All you need to do is change the location to the new directory of your choice. Please make sure to have the full directory location. If you are not sure, use the pwd command. Once that is done, restart the Cups Process sudo service cups restart

Gnome Terminal with Tabs

Tab support for Linux is somewhat limited compared to Windows programs like SecureCRT and Putty Connection Manager. I have managed to create this small Bash Script which I use to Telnet into my Cisco Routers and Switching in a Lab environment. #!/bin/bash # This script will ask the IP Address echo "Enter the IP Address to continue..." read ip gnome-terminal \ --tab -t "R1" -e "telnet $ip 2001" \ --tab -t "R2" -e "telnet $ip 2002" \ --tab -t "R3" -e "telnet $ip 2003" \ --tab -t "R4" -e "telnet $ip 2004" \ --tab -t "R5" -e "telnet $ip 2005" \ --tab -t "R6" -e "telnet $ip 2006" \ --tab -t "SW1" -e "telnet $ip 2007" \ --tab -t "SW2" -e "telnet $ip 2008" \ --tab -t "SW3" -e "telnet $ip 2009" \ --tab -t "SW4" -e "telnet $ip 2010" \ This script is easily modifiable, If you need to remove the IP address, you may remove the following lines and reply $ip with your variable. Read more

Unable to Capture Wireshark on Linux

This is a common issue on Wireshark under Linux due to permission issue. You may also get the following error while trying to do a Capture. You didn’t specify an interface on which to capture packets. This can be fixed by the following commands. sudo dpkg-reconfigure wireshark-common sudo usermod -a -G wireshark $USER Then Reboot or logout and log back it via the following command. gnome-session-quit --logout --no-prompt

How to test bandwidth between Linux hosts

First of all, make sure you have iperf installed on both hosts.

If you haven’t, then use the following command to install it. I will be using Ubuntu flavour linux for demonstration.

apt-get install iperf

Pick one host as Server, one host as Client.

On the server issue the following command

iperf -s

One the Client, issue the following command

You can find the Server_IP by using ifconfig -a on your host

iperf -c Server_IP

See the following example for more info

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How to connect USB Serial Console Cable to Linux

The following guide will walk you through on setting up USB Serial Console Cable on a Linux via command line.

First of all, make sure you have a program called Minicom installed.

I will be using Ubuntu flavored Operating System for demonstration purposes.

apt-get install minicom

Then you need to connect the USB Serial adapter and find out which serial port is it connected to.

dmesg | grep USB

You will see something similar to this output.

[    6.804403] usb 1-1.3: pl2303 converter now attached to ttyUSB0

Make sure you chmod 777 /dev/ttyUSB0 so minicom will allow you to save the config.

Open up minicom by running the command minicom -s and select Serial port setup

Reflect the output you saw from dmesg and set it to the Serial Device by pressing AE > C

A – Serial Device : /dev/ttyUSB0
E – Bps/Par/Bits : 9600 8N1

Please see the following screenshot for more info.

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