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Virgin Media Telewest Broadband Via Router WRT54GS

Since Telewest does not use authentication, it can be a bit puzzling if you are going to share your broadband internet connection via a Router. I will be using a LinkSys WRT54GS as an example…

Before you do that, it is recommend doing the following…

  • Turn off your modem and your Router for about 5 minutes so your PC MAC lease will expire so you can use your Router’s MAC

  • If you are having MAC address issue, then you can get your Network Card’s MAC Address by going to

Start => type CMD type ipconfig /all

Write it down, login to the router and use the MAC Address Clone Feature. It’s a 12 Digit code, looks something like this 00-04-5B-89-21-7F

If a cable provider does not use Authentication method, the only way to make your router talk to the modem is via Automatic Configuration – DHCP.

It is also possible to do it via Static IP, BUT if you are on a dynamic IP, then the internet connection will not work when your ISP renews your IP.

If you are on a Static IP and the DNS / Default gateway does not change, then you can hook your modem directly to the PC, go to

Start => type CMD type ipconfig /all

Write down the values, and enter it in the Static IP setting.

This is how it is done if you are on a Dynamic IP.

Turn off your Modem, Reset your Router, and connect your modem and your PC to your router. Then select Automatic Configuration – DHCP Setting.

That’s it, with a bit of luck, you should have an active internet connection via the Router!

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