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How to get Sky Broadband Login Info from the Router

Sky Broadband is aimed for home users thus a few features like SSH (Port 22), VPN and other tunneling are disabled by the router (NETGEAR DG834GT) they provide. If you want to use these features, you have two choices…

  • Use another Router
  • Re-flash the firmware of the Sky Router (NETGEAR DG834GT)

Re-flashing the router is risky and I am sure it is against Sky’s Terms and Conditions, because as far as I’m aware, that router is a property of Sky. If you are thinking of doing it, then Good Luck!

Using another router is the smartest thing to do, But for you to use another router, you do need the Sky Username and Password.

This is how you get the Sky Username and Password…

Open up your browser and Copy and paste the following URL to the Address Bar. (Make sure its in one line, not two!)

<br /><br />
It will ask for Username and Password, use the follwoing unless you have changed your Router Login info, then use that.

Password: sky

You will get a page that reads “Usage: ping [OPTION]… host”

Now Copy and paste the following URL to the Web Browser’s Address Bar.

This will then download a config file, “netgear.cfg

Open the file with wordpad or any other Text Editor.

You should see some text like this below :
<br /> pppoa_username=001122aabbcc@skydsl<br /> pppoa_password=a0b1c2d4e5<br /> pppoa_idle=0<br /> pppoa_ipaddr=<br />

That’s it, Use those above info with another router, and you should be able to connect to Sky Broadband.

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