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A Closer Look at LG G4

I have had the pleasure to be given the opportunity to participate in the #TryLGG4 program. I am someone who usually change my phone every 9-12 months and am currently a LG G3 user. I was not looking for any upgrade because I felt that all current devices on the market can’t match what a G3 offers. This all changed when I had the chance to use the LG G4. Here are my thoughts of the device as I opened the box.

  1. Lightweight
  2. Ergonomic design
  3. Interchangeable battery
  4. Expandable storage

The device feels extremely lightweight with an ergonomic design. This is something everyone will look for from a phone and I am very impressed to see how LG has perfected the overall design of G4 while giving the user an option to change battery and expandable storage. Since I am usually in the move through out the day, I always look for a phone with interchangeable battery and expandable storage for my photos and videos. This is by far one of attraction point of the G3 and now the G4. Every users requirement of a phone is different and for me point 3 and 4 are the deal breakers.

The 5.5 inch screen of this device is exceptionally well calibrated and stands out among all the devices in the market. The quantum display will definitely beat any device on the current market.

The camera on the LG G4 is absolutely brilliant and I can’t think of any device on the the current market which can beat the G4’s photo quality. The overall quality is not only great on moderate light area but it is performing exceptionally well on low light area. The camera application itself is very intuitive and gives the user to quickly change the mode according to his/her liking. This is something any user would prefer to take the perfect snap on a given moment in time.

Battery life of the G4 is average and being a power user, I can pretty much use it for an entire day with a full charge. If you are a power user who wouldn’t get to charge the device at night, then I would recommend taking advantage of the option to interchange battery and a spare battery would definitely give you the peace of mind.
To add to the G4, I have had the chance to use it with the LG Bluetooth Infinim which Performance, Style/Design, easy to use, Features/Settings, Quality, excellent audio quality goes hand in hand with the G4.

To conclude, overall design and the software on the LG G4 is what I expected from LG. The 3GB RAM upgrade on the G4 does help the software to run smoothly. I would definitely recommend LG G4 to anyone who wants to have best phone of 2015.

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